The Breville ESP8XL Stainless-Espresso Coffee Maker Review

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Breville ESP8XL Stainless-Espresso Coffee Maker

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On April 28, 2014
Last modified:January 25, 2016


The Breville ESP8XL restaurant Roma is one of the most popular espresso machines under the $250 mark, which manages to impress all the big critics with relative ease. Not only is the Breville ESP8XL restaurant Roma one of the best looking espresso machines out there today, but it also packed with a powerful list of features which truly helped this espresso machine to climb quickly up the ladders of success.


As a professional espresso machine reviewer, I have come across many interesting espresso machines which can easily be claimed as the best espresso machines that you can ever come across.

But if I have learnt anything in my years of experience as a coffee machine reviewer, I would know better when to declare an espresso machine as the best out there, period. Because just when people start thinking that things cant get any better, an espresso machine is released which literally pushes the bar to the next level.

And I would have to admit that the Breville ESP8XL restaurant Roma literally creates that next level, that any espresso machine would have a tough time competing with, in the near future.

With a powerful 15 BAR thermo-block pump, stainless-steel industrial housing, stainless-steel coffee cup set and a frothing jug, the Breville ESP8XL restaurant Roma is definitely one of the best espresso machines out there.

And if you consider making great quality coffee right at home either for your family or friends, there are literally only a handful of espresso machines which can truly compete with the Breville ESP8XL restaurant Roma.

The stunning style and unique design helps the Breville ESP8XL restaurant Roma to stands out from the rest. But it is the stainless-steel construction which makes this espresso machine as good as ever.

While this electrical espresso machine boasts of the latest technology used in home-made espresso machines, it still holds on to the traditional yet effective means of making the best espresso shots.

But without peeking behind the curtain and reviewing the powerful spec sheet, it will be almost impossible to understand the true power of the Breville ESP8XL restaurant Roma.

The Spec Sheet


Main List Of Features
no Fetures Special
1 Crafted from Stainless-steel to give it a unique yet beautiful look.
2 Thermo-block pump to help create the finest espresso shots
3 Twin-wall filter system to help create that beautiful crema.
4 Multi tasking Frother for that perfect cup of cappuccino
5 A huge 1 liter water tank with an external water window to help indicate low water levels.
6 A removable drip receptacle and grid.


The Prositives

The Breville ESP8XL restaurant Roma is one of those machines which is really managed to impress me in every way possible, but there is a couple of things which really did manage to stand out from the rest.

The first thing which really forced me to obsess about this espresso machine is the beautiful design and bold use of steel which really brought out the overall look in the best possible way. And its not only the beauty of the Breville ESP8XL restaurant Roma which captivates the imagination of people, as it is packed with one of the most powerful list of features which pushes this espresso maker to a whole new level.

The steam wand doesn’t solely allow you to produce nice frothing for your cappuccino, but it also acts as a coffee maker. To make nice frothing using milk, simply use the wand with the tip intact. You may slide off the tip, after you have made your espresso.

And one of the major advantages of this coffee maker machine is its power supply plug that has been made to an entire great advanced standards and of style. However, it’s moreover additionally useful than cosmetics. You may get to realize the noticeable spherical gap on the plug. This may be the best way to help you secure and remove the appliance from the power outlet.

The Negatives

Even though this electrical appliance may be useful, just like other several alternative coffee maker appliances, the Breville ESP8XL coffee maker machine may not be free from limitations as far as coffee making is concerned. This cistern, for example, doesn’t have a grade indicator. You cannot confirm the recommended proportion of water. After you happen to open the reservoir, you may need light to ascertain your appliance’s water level. Frothing aficionados may not additionally notice the stationary steaming wand.

Despite the few limitations, the Breville ESP8XL restaurant coffee maker machine may be popular and liked among several household owners including most skilled cappuccino restaurant manufacturers. It’s look gets Associate in its popularity, functionality and skillfulness. Moreover, it is user friendly and can be used by anyone to make the best coffee.


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