The real Espresso Italian Dictionary

espresso-italian-dictionaryLet me tell you one thing I know very well, how to talk to your clients to make them live the real Italian espresso.

I have read many “Italian dictionaries” which are so funny, and, lol, don’t make any sense, talking about body of coffee?? Breve?? What are they talking about??

Have you ever seen a real espresso? The Italians never say anything about espresso, they only drink it and if the foam and flavor are perfect, they say, Great!

But if you want a good Italian conversation about espresso, here’s the things you need to know:

Espresso can be drunk in more ways, here are some of the most common and good ones:
a) Normal espresso
b) Short Espresso, or small espresso (breve? Does not exist) means a small one, for a concentrated flavor
c) Macchiato caldo is an espresso with a little bit of hot (steamed) milk inside. Which mustn’t be confused with the Macchiato Milk, that is a milk with coffee inside, and it is also not a cappuccino.
d) Macchiato Freddo is an espresso with a bit of cold milk inside
e) Espresso corretto is an espresso with a typical alcoholic drink inside it called Grappa, but you can specify to the bartender “corretto with…” and choose what you prefer. If you want my favourite corretto, it’s the one with “stravecchio” or with “bailey’s” I am sure you know what it is
And if you want a good conversation with the bartender or if you are a bartender and you want a good conversation with your client, don’t say the most common “O sole mio”, this is actually not a common thing Italians talk about.

Better to say something like “Salute” which means Cheers, or maybe a good “Buongiorno” which means good day, like a good morning mixed with a good afternoon.

Another good thing to know are the phrases for “big cup” or “small cup”, which are “tazza grande” or “tazza piccola”, a recent thing that Italians nowadays say a lot.

And finally, the last trend, the “Macchiatone”, an espresso, in a big cup like a cappuccino, with hot milk inside, steamed with foam, but with less milk than a cappuccino.

And if you want to be a real Italian espresso lover, at the end, ask for a shot of Grappa, a typical alcoholic drink you can have in the afternoon or after the dinner coffee, to clean the cup, after you finish your coffee, but this is probably more venetian ☺

I have read on an Italian coffee machines review about a supposedly Italian dictionary. What’s that?? Do you want to know the real one? Read this, written by a real Italian.

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