Manual espresso machine buying guide

Manual espresso machine
Manual espresso machine

Reading around about manual espresso machines, I found a lot of articles explaining what these machines are like, how they work, and lot of un-useful things.

If you want to buy a manual lever-driven espresso machine you probably don’t need all these information, but something else, that will let you know which one is the best to buy, in order to make a perfect espresso.

The Manual espresso machine for us Italians is just one, la Pavoni.

Let me tell you a little bit of history so you can understand why.

In 1905 a man, Luigi Bezzera, created the first project for a lever driven espresso machine. And mister Desiderio Pavoni realized it.

Do you need more explanation?

Therefore the person who invented the espresso made with a leveraged machine is mister Pavoni, so there is no doubt on which espresso machine to buy.

To be completely honest Bezzera was the first inventor of steam pressure driven espresso machines.

The project was born with a first machine, created in 1855, built to brew coffee without coffee powder inside, but the project wasn’t so good, so they perfected it, and the espresso machine was born.

So you can easily understand that La Pavoni is the machine we are looking for.

The problem is which kind of lever espresso machine to choose?

One of the best known manual machines is the copper espresso machine or rather the brass one, so there is nothing as beautiful and qualitative as the PPG 16 model of la Pavoni for that.

Let me show you a video on how the Pavoni machine works. This is the PC-16 model, technically the lower level of the PPG16 so I let you imagine what drinking this coffee would mean. Do you notice the perfect foam? Mhhhh…. I want one!

Ok, obviously, if we talk about the Pavoni PPG 16 we are talking of a machine that is not only the best coffee maker on the market but also one of the most beautiful ones for a professional use.

If you don’t want to spend all that money there is a second option, probably better to be used at home, and that’s the PC-16 (yes, the one on the video), and it has the same quality of the Pavoni brass model, except for a different frothing system, not less qualitative than the PPG-16.

It must be said that we are talking about professional machines, so no mistakes are allowed when choosing this products.

Sometimes, it is said that it’s better to choose a spring driven manual machine, but this is not true, it doesn’t make a difference, honestly I prefer La Pavoni, firstly because they send you a DVD where you can find all the instructions needed in order to make a perfect espresso, and secondly because it is better to have the greatest possible pressure control, so, with different blends you can adapt different espresso styles.

I don’t want to say that Pavoni is the only machine good enough to make a good espresso, there are a bunch of other excellent offers out there.

An espresso machine that caught my attention for example is the rokpresso espresso maker.
I don’t want to say that it is a good machine, because it is not, I have seen the espresso made with that machine, and honestly I don’t think we can call it a “real” espresso, even if it is not a bad coffee.

Rok presso Espresso maker
Rok presso Espresso maker

It seems more like an Italian Moka Coffee, with a little bit more taste, and probably experimenting a little bit more with different blends you could reach a good espresso quality.

I am sorry about the cappuccino, because it is not possible to make the real cappuccino if you don’t have steam (hey RokPresso, I am sorry, you know, I am Italian so…)

But since you pay a much cheaper price for it, I must say that it is a choice.

Here’s a video to let you understand better what I am talking about:
But, weren’t we talking about good espresso machines?

Ok , so let’s go back for a second to the real Espresso, and why not choose the best, but maybe family-sized?
Here we are, LaPavoni has the solution once again.

A better choice for those who want to savor their own special coffee, and maybe a super (real) cappuccino, EPBB-8 Europiccola 8-Cup Lever Style Espresso La Pavoni is the one to choose.

Espresso machine La pavoni EPBB-8

It is a great machine, at a cheaper price, because the cups you can make before the machine heats up too much are only 8.
Ok, if you want to exceed the 8 cups, you certainly can, but maybe it is better to wait a few minutes, because the temperature of the machine is not optimal, so the coffee flavor will be worse, and it doesn’t make sense to drink a bad coffee with a super machine like that one.

There are a lot of factors that make the coffee made with this kind of machines good enough. One of this is of course choosing the perfect coffee blend, and also the right grinding point, but after a few experiments, it is easy to reach good results.

Let’s see how to use la Pavoni espresso machine, this video can be helpful to understand the learning process:

So, now that you finally understand better what I talk about when I speak of espresso, what I mean, we need to say that working with an automatic or semiautomatic machine is extremely easy, and doesn’t need a lot of experimenting with bad coffee before obtaining the best, but after some experiments, it is much easier that it seems, and it’s worth the time.

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