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Krups XP5280: What Makes It The Best Espresso Machine Under 300

Review of: Krups XP528
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Krups XP5280

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On March 23, 2014
Last modified:January 25, 2016


It is not a secret that i love Krups. In all the review i write about Krups as a good machine, and in this model Krups are again in the top 10 at a special price


In my search for the best automatic espresso machine, there have frequently been those which I walk across almost every single day without taking a second look.

But every now and then there comes an espresso machine like the Krups XP5280, which literally stops me in my tracks, almost begging me to take a look at it.

Even though most people won’t expect much from espresso machines in the mid ranged category, the Krups XP5280 does one of the best jobs to prove the critics otherwise.

So I decided to leave my pride aside and give this baby a whirl myself and boy was I surprised with the review.

Spec Sheet

Before moving on with the review, it is absolutely necessary to take a look at the specs sheet.

After all, what good is a review if you don’t know the most basic features of the machine and the Krups XPS5280 does everything right to be the best automatic espresso machine available today.
• Stainless Steel Body which gives the Krups XPS5280 its bold look

• Powered by 15 Bar pump for foamier crema

• Thermo block heating for faster pre-heating, produces optimal temperature and prevents lime-scale from building up

• Frothing Nozzle which works in multiple direction to give you the finest latte’s, cappuccino’s and hot milk

• Water Tank with 1.1 liter capacity with Claris Filter system to efficiently remove scale and chlorine, and gives pure water

• Push Buttons with programmable features like dose size, start, stop etc

• Easy to use universal filter holder with a push button cake ejection system which removes the chances of creating a mess

• Precise tamping system by Krups, to ensure only the finest and uniformly ground coffee

• Compatible with Pods and Ground Coffee

• Simple dismantling for easy cleaning

• 9 inch X 9.8 inch X 11.5 inch total dimension

• 11.5 lbs net weight


What I Liked

Now that we’ve finished discussing the features, we can move on to the things that I liked about the Krups XPS5280. Like always I did like the look of the XPS5280 which gave the traditional German feel.

But like I always say, Espresso is no place for a German. So I got into the core workings of XPS5280 and was extremely impressed. The most basic thing which will impress any user is the multi-directional froth nozzle, which does an excellent job of frothing the milk for cappuccino and lattes alike with only a simple turn of the knob.

But that’s not the frothing process entirely. A common problem with traditional espresso machines was that the users had to manually release the pressure after frothing, and forgetting to release the pressure could lead to an accident.

But the automatic pressure releasing system of the XPS5280 does an exceptional work of releasing the pressure after use, preventing any unwanted accidents or overloads. The adjustable universal filter is another feature which helps the XPS5280 stand out.

Just a simple adjustment of the filter and users can choose between one cup or two cups. But the feature which truly makes the XPS5280 what it is would definitely have to be the easy unlock and cleaning option.

All you need to do is just press the button, and it unlocks and then after your espresso is done, press the button again, and it cleans almost by 90%, without leaving behind any tough to remove residue.

The programmable button is also another great feature in the XPS5280’s long list of features, simply press the button, and you can adjust the dose size as per your requirements. Even though by default the XPS5280 has a preset the 1.7Oz single shot and 3.4Oz double shot pre-programmed, you can easily change the default settings by pressing the button down for 15 seconds.

What I didn’t like

The only things I didn’t like in the XPS5280 despite having a diverse set of features, would be the fact that you need to dismantle the frothing nozzle entirely to be able to clean it. Which can be a bit tedious at times.

And the fact that you need to wait almost 10 minutes to get your successive cup of espresso. Because the automatic pressure releasing system kicks in after every use and requires some time to release the pressure entirely, it does take a little time for the machine to become active again. But then again, the XPS5280 is designed for home use only and not for commercial use, and traditional coffee drinkers to require more than 10 minutes to finish their cup.

The Bottom Line

After scrutinizing the Krups XPS5280 fro every possible angle, it truly does stand in as a powerful automatic best espresso machine under 300 $ mark. And if you’ve been a long time Krups fan, then you surely don’t want to miss out on this espresso machine.



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