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Home espresso machine reviews: Krups XP601050 SS

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On March 23, 2014
Last modified:March 28, 2015


This is one of mine favorites machines. I suppose that Krups purpose was to create a bartender machine, and give it to the home market. I love the compatibility with different kind of Grounded and encapsulated coffee. And the other main features.

My love for the classic cup of Italian Espresso has often pushed me to try my hands out on a variety of cafe’s and espresso machines.

But when I come across the latest creation by the biggest names in the industry like Krups, (i love Krups) I just cant keep myself from getting my hands dirty and scrutinizing it from every possible angle.

The latest installment from Krups for the home espresso machines, The Krups XP601050 SS Mechanical Espresso has been noted as on of the best home espresso machine under the $200 mark.

Even though the XP601050 SS offers a host of features like stainless steel and aluminum body, and hot water, espresso and frother functions, it would be a little unfair to mark it as the best home espresso machine reviews without getting behind the scene.

Which is why to truly understand how well the XP601050 SS fares against other espresso machines in the same category, here’s the most detailed Krups XP601050 SS Mechanical Espresso review that you will ever need.


Despite the low price tag, Krups has managed to add an array of features to the XP601050 SS which makes it one of the most impressive machines you will ever come across. These features include:

Main Features List
no Fetures Value
1 Compatibile with: Ground coffee or E.S.E. style espresso pods
2 Cappuccino/Milk frother Yes
3 Hot Water Yes
4 Pressure System Pump-driven
5 Pressure Power 15 BAR
6 Boiler size N/A
7 Wait time for brewing N/A
8 Water level detection Yes
9 Removable Tank Yes
10 Tank capacity 50 oz
11 Auto power off system No
12 Body main materials Die cast aluminum with stainless steel tube
13 Grinder No
14 Width 14.5"
14 Depth 10.5"
16 Height: 12.75"
17 Weight: 224 oz
18 Includes heating cup grid and double-sided tamper and spoon
19 Warranty 1 Year

What’s Good

If you are looking for an economical espresso machine for your home, then the XP601050 SS is perhaps a decent choice.

Mainly because of the list of pros it has to offer for even the most demanding coffee connoisseurs. Few of the most impressive pro’s which helps the XP601050 SS to stand out would be:

• The Look – Even before you start using the XP601050 SS to brew your first cup of espresso, the design and appearance is more than enough to attract people. Made from stainless steel and die cast aluminum, the body of the XP601050 gives it a chrome like look and with the inclusion aluminium, the chances for unwanted corrosion is reduced significantly.

• Being produced by German espresso machine manufacturing giants, the XP601050 SS demonstrates technology at its best. And the best way to demonstrate the superior technology used would be with the help of the sound produced.

It is a very common for espresso machines to make a lot of sound, and the best example of it would be the traditional espresso machine which made noises up to 60 decibels. Whereas the XP601050 SS makes noise up to 35 decibels without any loss in power, making it a lot easier on the ear.

• The triple hot water, espresso and frother function is another feature which helps the XP601050 SS stand out from others. Designed keeping both coffee and tea lovers in mind, the addition of the hot water function gives people a chance to enjoy tea and black coffee.

Krups XP601050 SS-belnd-type
Krups XP601050 SS Coffee system

A feature which was often lacking with other espresso machines and restricted them to espresso only. The espresso and the frother function of the XP601050 SS also work exceptionally well, giving the users a chance to enjoy their espresso’s and lattes in a matter of minutes.

But the what genuinely helps the espresso function to stand out is the indicator light, which lights up every time the espresso is ready. All the users need to do is just crank the machine when the light turns on and the let the XP601050 produce to delicious cups of espresso at the same time.

• The Tamper tool is also a useful feature which tags along with the XP601050 SS, allowing users to grind the roasted coffee beans directly within the filter itself. This removes the need for additional expensive machinery’s and grinding tools for the bean.

What’s Bad

The same way good cannot co-exist without evil the XP601050 SS too does not comes without its own share of con’s. And these con’s are as follows:

• The cup heating tray of the XP601050 SS can sometimes become a little too hot and even though it does not effect the cup in any harmful way, it can give you mild burns every now and then. Which is why you should handle the XP601050 SS with some care and keep out of the reach of children.

• The filter locking and tank locking feature of the XP601050 is undoubtedly one of the best in the market today, but only if you are able to lock them properly into place. The locking feature of both the filter and the tank are a little tight and have to be really pushed into place, or there will be the fear of unwanted leaks.

The Final Verdict

With its share of pros and cons all accounted for, the final verdict on the Krups XP601050 SS Mechanical Espresso would be that it does manage to live up to the long going Krups name and does not do a half bad job at making Italian Espresso despite being a German company. Definitely worth giving a try.

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