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DeLonghi EC702: Italian espresso machine

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DeLonghi EC702

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On March 23, 2014
Last modified:January 25, 2016


As Italian, I must say that De Longhi is a top espresso machine. Probably DeLonghi is one of the most bought machines in Italy, and the quality is absolutely superior. In this particular case the stainless steel body, is absolutely the best choice.


Italian espresso machine manufacturing giant Deloghni’s latest entry into the economy range, non commercial espresso machine category, the DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump espresso machine has taken a lot of people by surprise.

Compared to other competing models in the same range, the DeLonghi EC702 uses a simple wiring and part attachment system. Which makes it a lot easier to clean the individual parts and give the machine a proper servicing when required.

And this move might perhaps have given the Italian giants the much needed break that they had been waiting for. Despite the low price tag, DeLoghni has managed to finely incorporate technology with style.

Offering people a truly good looking and powerful espresso machine under the $200 range. But perhaps the most surprising fact of the DeLonghi EC702-15, which managed to take the cake is the impressive spec’s sheet which includes features like:

– Easy Serving Espresso Filter : which makes getting your favorite cup of espresso only a button’s push away
– Filter Holder with Dual Function (Patented) : which efficiently holds the ground coffee powder and removes the need for filter cartridges
– Sempre Crema Filter : for that perfect crema
– Removable water tank with 1.3 liter capacity and level indication light : making a lot easier to understand when the tank needs a refill
Cappuccino System Frother (Patented) : to give you the perfect froth for your latte with a simple push of the button
– On/Off Switch with light indicator : which makes it easier to understand when the machine is on or not
– Anti Drip Design : to prevent any unwanted leakage
– Stainless Steel Body and Boiler : which gives the DeLonghi EC702 its classic Italian look
– 15 Bar pressure pump : to help you get your cup of espresso or latte within minutes
– 1100 Watts Input Power : making it economical to operate
– Cup Warmer : to keep your cups at an even temperature for your espresso or latte
– 11.25 inch X 8. 19 inch X 12.5 inch Total Dimension
– 14 lbs Gross Weight

Main Features List
no Fetures Value
1 Compatibile with: Ground coffee or filter cartridges
2 Cappuccino/Milk frother Yes
3 Hot Water With Frother
4 Pressure System Pump-driven
5 Pressure Power 15 BAR
6 Power 1100 Watts Input Power
7 Wait time for brewing N/A
8 Water level detection Yes
9 Removable Tank Yes
10 Tank capacity 1.3 liter capacity
11 Auto power off system No
12 Body main materials Stainless Steel Body and Boiler
13 Grinder No
14 Size 11.25 inch X 8. 19 inch X 12.5 inch
15 Weight: 14 lbs
16 Includes Cup Warmer
17 Warranty 1 Year

The Positives

One of the biggest problems with non commercial espresso machines is that, compared to commercial espresso machines they look extremely ordinary. But to make up for the ever common design, DeLonghi have crafted the body out of pure stainless steel which makes it easy to clean and captivates the masses with its stunning good looks.

Italian espresso machine manufacturing giant Deloghni’s latest entry into the economy range

If you move past the overall looks and get into the workings of the machine, you would see the sheer simplicity which made the Italian Espresso Machines manufacturing amongst the top espresso machine manufacturers in the world.

Cappuccino Frother DeLonghi
Cappuccino Frother

The Cappuccino System Frother (Patented) is truly one of the best features which makes the DeLonghi EC702 a class above the rest. Users no longer need to fine tune the steam and pressure separately, as users can simply hold the milk against the Cappuccino System Frother (Patented) and instant froth for their latte.

Speaking of patented, the Cappuccino System Frother isn’t the only patent upgrade given to the DeLonghi EC702. As the Filter Holder with Dual Function (Patented) is the best asset which makes the DeLonghi EC702 what it is.

A common problem that most people faced with espresso machines is that they had to buy filters with the ground coffee included, which is sometimes it expensive and strenuous to use an espresso machine.

But with the addition of the patented Filter Holder with Dual Function, users can simply add the ground coffee to the filter, attach it to the nozzle and enjoy the wonders of cafe shop espresso right in the comfort of their home.

The Negative

Despite being one of the best economical espresso machines in the market today, there are a few cons with the DeLonghi EC702 which cannot be overlooked.

The first negative of the DeLonghi EC702 would definitely have the to be the new machine taste, which takes a few uses to get out. When making the first few cups of espresso, a common complaint amongst users is the metallic/plastic taste.

Pods and ground coffee
Support Pods and ground coffee

Which is why it is always advised that users should always try emptying out the tank completely the first couple of times before they make their first cup of espresso.

The second con of the which cannot be missed out is DeLonghi EC702’s tendency to corrode with the lack of maintenance. Even though the DeLonghi EC702 may be extremely easy to maintain, most times people don’t go the extra mile and clean the body.

Rather they only focus on cleaning the parts like Cappuccino System Frother (Patented) and ignore the body almost entirely, which leaves the machine prone to corrosion.

The Final Word

If you look past the cons which arise mainly due to human error, the DeLonghi EC702 is undoubtedly the best economical espresso machine under the $200 mark and is surely worth giving it a shot if you love espresso as much as I do.”


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