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Cuadra The best Espresso Machines for espresso lover

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On March 13, 2014
Last modified:July 5, 2015


I don’t think I need to say too much about, this is my favorite espresso machine, and, it isn’t hard to believe, you just need to look at the video to understand. This machine is the best choice, whatever is the use, even if it is mainly for professional and not only for home. Hey, high quality is high quality.

I have always been an espresso lover. This is probably because of my background.

Being Italian and the fact that I have some knowledge about the quality of coffee, makes it impossible for me not to love coffee.

I prepare my own espresso, mind you. This article is a coffee lover’s review of my dream quality espresso machine.

I just want all the other espresso lovers out there to know more about the real Italian espresso.

At 37, I still find myself going to pubs and bars; and I really find pleasure in seeing an espresso machine in a pub or bar’s counter.

It’s good to know that even if they don’t have a super the best professional espresso machine which, basically takes a lot of space in the counter, they still however own a semi-professional one.

It’s always a nice thing to have an espresso machine even in small bars and pubs, or even at home.

After all, everyone would one want to have a cup of coffee every now and then. So for those who want to have a semi professional machine in their homes, or for their business, I believe that, purchasing the Cuadra Semi-professional Espresso and Cappuccino Machine would be the perfect choice.


The Cuadra Semi-Professional may be small, but it has the same great quality as the big ones. Take a look at the super creamy coffe it come of from this machine in 5 second… trust me, if you try it, you will drink it forever.

Those machines are going to be perfect for your kitchen counter at home; and since they are fully portable, one can also use them for catering purposes due to the professional quality.

So if you want to have a catering business, there is no need to buy bigger and more expensive machines.

This Italian-made machine has a 1.8 Liter boiler and a single group. What makes this more unique than the other espresso machines in the market is its portability as well, as its whole look.

The red and silver combination makes any coffee geek just want to make real Italian espresso over and over. At a price range of $1800 to $2500, this may just be anyone’s best option for a quality espresso machine.

Specification and Features

Features list
no Feature Rating
1 1.8 Liter Boiler 9
2 Fully portable for catering 8
3 1400-watt heating system 8
4 Stainless Steel structure 9
5 Italian high quality espresso machine 10
6 Cup storage heater 9
7 High pressure system 10
8 High control steam frother separated temperature

This machine is 16 x 15 x 15 inches and weighs 32 pounds.

It is classified as a commercial espresso machine. It is semi-professional, which means that it is perfect for your home, but can definitely be very functional when used in a business, like catering, pubs and small restaurants and bars.

It is the machine used by a well known restaurant I love, in Italy, so I am sure this is the semi professional (i call it semi, because it can fit the home needs) maybe it is better to say the commercial and home espresso machine … for me.

I met this machine in Italy a lot. I remember, time ago to a marriage of a friend, the catering was using this machine, and there was a million people around, waiting for espresso.

This is fully portable and has a 3-liter pour-in reservoir. It has 1.8 liter copper boiler and includes a hot water tap and a steam wand. It has a daily capacity of 60 drinks.

The Good

There are many advantages to choosing this espresso machine over others.

The most popular reason why coffee lovers like me, would buy it, aside from the fact that, it is Italian made is its size.

It may be classified as semi-professional, but the quality is really the same as that of as the professional one. It also has a 1400 KW power heating.

To reemphasize, this machine is Italian made; and if you really want to know and taste what a real Italian espresso tastes like, get an Italian made espresso machine. What’s better than this machine in my opinion? Only the manual-driven La Pavoni, but we will talk about in future, and i am sure, when you will look (i will show you on a video) at what coffee she does… mmhhhh…

The Bad

It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but the price of this machine is not at all cheap.

However, it is a fact that, you always pay more for better and absolute quality.

In fact, the Cuadra has a much higher price compared to La Nuova Era Cuadra Commercial Espresso Machine – V2. Even if both machines come from the same company, the Cuadra semi professional is still more expensive.

The Verdict

The Cuadra will definitely fall as a high end machine. If you’re willing to pay a range of $1800-$2500 just to taste the real Italian espresso, or have your customers taste the real thing, then this machine is the best choice.

The machine with an outstanding quality will never come in a budget price range anyway.

So, my verdict is, if you want the best Italian espresso machine that can let you taste the real Italian coffee, this product is for you.

Moreover, whether you just want a machine for your kitchen counter or an espresso machine for your small business, you can never go wrong with the Cuadra. Take it from someone who’s Italian, a coffee lover and has a good background in coffee quality.

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