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The Best Mini Espresso Machine In Town: De’Longhi BAR 32 Retro

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De Longhi
De Longhi mini espresso machine

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On April 8, 2014
Last modified:January 25, 2016


De'Loghni BAR32 Retro is one of the best espresso machines under the $200 mark and manages to outperform most of its contemporaries with relative ease. A truly powerful machine which can exert up to 15 BARS of pressure despite its compact size and brew espresso under 25 seconds.

De' Longhi

A Review of De’Longhi BAR 32 Retro – The Best Mini Espresso Machine In Town written by: Freddie Kirstoff For nearly a century, De’Loghni has remained as the leading commercial espresso machine manufacturers across the world.

But their recent introduction into the non commercial segment with the De’Loghni BAR 32 Restro mini espresso machine, has cemented their position within the budget espresso machine range.

Giving people a chance to experience the true De’Loghni power and complete set of features within the comfort of their home, the BAR 32 Retro has been aiming to recreate what the Europiccola did for La Pavoni.

But just talking about how good an espresso machine is not enough, as we need to take a closer look on the BAR 32 Restro’s workings to understand what makes it the next best thing for the world of espresso.

Main List Of Features

Main List Of Features
no Fetures Special
1 Compatible With: Ground Coffee and Pods Dual Function Filter Holder (Patented)
2 Cappuccino/Milk frother: Yes Swivel Jet
3 Hot Water: Yes
4 Pressure System: Pump-driven
5 Pressure Power: 15 BAR
6 Boiler size: 4 Oz
7 Brewing Time : 25 seconds after initial heat up
8 Water level detection: Yes Indicator Light
9 Removable Tank: Yes
10 Tank capacity: 35 Oz
11 Auto Power Off system: Yes
12 Body main materials: ABC Plastic With Stainless Steel Boiler
13 Grinder: No
14 Size: 8.74 Inch x 10.63 Inch x 12.6 Inch
15 Weight: 7lbs
16 Includes: Cut Heating Grid and Drip Tray
17 Warranty: 2 Year

The Good

For any espresso lover, watching De’Loghni enter one of their best machines in the non commercial segment is a big pro in itself.

But talking just in terms of brand loyalty is simply not enough.

The first advantage of the BAR32 Retro would have to be its ability to produce steam in a matter of seconds, which is extremely important to many users as with traditional espresso machines users had to spend almost 5 – 10 minutes just to get the initial heat up.

And users don’t even have to tolerate that mind numbing noise which has become synonymous with espresso machines over the years.

The silent heat up even though is not entirely as silent as claimed, it performs exceptionally well to reduce any brewing or steam sound whatsoever.

Despite the compact size of the De’Loghni BAR32 Retro, it lives up to the De’Loghni name in every possible sense, and one of the best ways to gauge the BAR32 Retro’s strength would have to be 15 BAR pressure it can exert despite its compact size.

A big problem with Espresso machines is that the they require a lot of space to set up the boiler and pressure pump, but De’Loghni have truly perfected the art of constructing powerful espresso machines even with 8.74 Inch x 10.63 Inch x 12.6 Inch dimensions.

The patented pod and ground coffee filter is another thing which sets the De’Loghni BAR32 Retro apart, as De’Loghni have finely been able to integrate a multipurpose filter without adding on to the size of the espresso machine.

The Bad

Despite being one of the best compact espresso machines in the market today, the De’Loghni BAR32 Retro has a couple of problems which it could have done without.

The first problem which De’Loghni should have tried to avoid almost completely with the BAR32 Retro is that they should have tried to add some metal to the over all body, to give the espresso machine a classic look rather than resemble a coffee maker.

The plastic body is one of the main reasons why the BAR32 Retro should be pre-used a couple of times hot water before brewing the first cup of espresso, or chances are that you might get stuck with a plastic like after taste with your espresso.

Final Words

The bottom line for the De’Loghni BAR32 Retro, would have to be that it is a definite buy and is one of the best espresso machines available today under the $200 mark.

De' Longhi


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