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Best Espresso Machine Under 500: Capresso EC PRO 118.05 Professional Espresso & Cappuccino

Capresso-118.05-EC-PRO-Espresso-and-Cappuccino-Machine-top-rated-buynowBeing the coffee connoisseur does have its advantages.

I get called to parties and am the point man for the history of a coffee machine.

Recently, one of my friend’s coffee machine broke down.

He asked me advice on the best espresso machine under 500. I suggested the Capresso 118.05 EC PRO Espresso Machine model.

I had seen this model at the home of my boss earlier but could not get a closer look.

So, when the machine arrived, I landed at his home right away and started playing with the machine.

Coffee is my passion and I believe that the perfect coffee comes from a perfect machine.

So, I am always on the lookout for latest models from different manufacturers.

To explain to the readers, the insides and outsides of this machine, I have written below the complete specifications for a bird’s eye view and easy comparison with other coffee machines in the same category.

no Fetures Special
1 Compatibile with Ground Coffee
2 Cappuccino/Milk frother Yes
3 Hot Water No
4 Pressure System Pump-driven
5 Pressure Power 15 bar
6 Boiler size 42 ounces
7 Wait time for brewing 75 seconds
8 Water level detection No
9 Removable Tank Yes
10 Tank capacity
11 Auto power off system No
12 Body main materials Heavy Duty Stainless Steel
13 Grinder No
14 Size 11" x 8" x 11.5"
15 Weight 13 pounds
16 Includes: Heating cup grid and double-sided tamper; spoon; 2 portafiler options and 2 glass cups
17 Warranty Limited 1 Year Manufacturer's warranty
18 Indicator Lights Front Panel Lights for On/Off and Coffee/Steam Mode

The Good

This coffee machine from Capresso is a decently priced machine and works as advertised out-of-the-box.

The important point which stand in the favor of this machine from Capasso are as follows:

The Look: The coffee machine in your house becomes a part of the decor. So, the looks of machine are as important as the final product coming out of that machine. This coffee machine is made from stainless steel and the finish gives it a very nice and high quality look. It does add to the overall decor of the place.

Noise levels: This machine is surprisingly quite for its size. Normally, I have come across machines which produce a lot of wheezing noise while working. This machine is quite, when in operation.

Another important thing to note in this coffee machine is the availability of two portafilters. The double Spout portafilter is for the beginners and it very quickly brews coffee one or 2 cups at a time. The bottomless espresso filter is for advanced connoisseurs who want to work on their technique for that perfect cup of espresso. The pressure in bottomless portafilter is build on the basis of the grind size and tamp. The quality of the coffee can be enhanced by adjusting tamp pressure, grind size and age of coffee.

This machine is made for coffee connoisseurs. It has no digital technology and has no programmable buttons. Those who love simplification, will find it very useful.

The Bad

Nothing in this world is perfect. Everything has its own flaws. This coffee machine also has a few cons which are listed below:

The hot tray does not work properly at all times. We found that sometimes our cups were a bit hot than required but most of the times the temperature was just right. We could not find out any reason for this particular behaviour.

The lack of programmable buttons and hot water dispenser are some of the features which are included in almost all the coffee machines. Including them would have made this an even better machine.

The Verdict

My final verdict on this coffee machine is that it works perfectly as described on the box. It is very simple and very alien looking machine. The two porta filters make it easy to practice making a perfect cup of coffee. Overall, I will recommend this machine to someone who wants good looking, simple coffee brewing machine at their disposal.

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