Best Espresso Machine for the Money

When you want a great shot of espresso you don’t have to drive to the nearest coffee shop around. Why not get your regular pick me up right at home? This guide will give you some of the best espresso machine options that provide a great value so you can get the best bang for your buck.

There are different types of espresso machines and they can range greatly in price anywhere from around $100 to a few thousand dollars. To make the decision a little easier, listed here are the best machines for each category. So whether you’re looking for something affordable or willing to splurge, novice or skilled coffee enthusiast, you can find the best espresso machine for you among these.

Manual Espresso Machine

These types of machines are not recommended for a beginner as they do require some learning curve to get the hang of the various functions in making espresso. However, for the coffee connoisseur this may be right up your alley.


Best Choice: ROK Presso Manual Espresso Machine

This machine has many desirable qualities that set the foundation for an amazing espresso. It comes with a frother and a tamper to offer more versatility for specialty drinks like cappuccinos. For the enthusiast, it’s fairly simple to use and delivers bold, flavorful espresso. Thoughtful features like slip-resistant rubber legs help keep the espresso maker in place while also protecting your countertops. As for durability, it is built to last with a metal frame so you get a really decent value especially considering that it comes with a 10-year warranty!


Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

A semi-automatic machine offers the best of both worlds. It gives you some control with manual functions that allow you to tweak the quality to your liking along with automatic functions for convenience. This is typically your most popular type of machine.

Best Choice: Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine

This is one machine to behold with a nice stainless steel finish and delivers exceptional flavor for the perfect espresso shot. It features several commercial-grade qualities like perfect water distribution and exceptional quality construction. It’s pretty easy to use and delivers incredible performance for an espresso shot that is coffee-shop quality! It does require the purchase of a separate high-quality coffee grinder as is the case with any semi-automatic machine.


Automatic Espresso Machine

These types of machines deliver consistent brews with automatic functions similarly to semi-automatic machines. They do still require grinding the beans unless you use pods – which offer mess-free convenience.

Best Choice: Delonghi EC155 Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

When quality is what you seek at an affordable price, look no further than the Delonghi EC155. You can use fresh ground coffee beans or pods per your preference. The small, compact design is ideal for those with limited counter space and it delivers exceptional froth that is simply dreamy. The modern design adds an attractive appeal if that suits your fancy.


Super Automatic Espresso Machine

If high-end is what you want, that’s what you will find in a super automatic model. These models do everything with a built-in grinder and a few extras for ultimate convenience. They are the most ideal for novice espresso drinkers that do not want to have to fiddle’ around with different functions or practice getting the right brew. As to be expected with convenience, you will pay more for these types of models.

Best Choice: Jura-Capresso 13548 Impressa J6

When you want all the convenience without all of the work, this is the machine for you. It’s as easy as pushing a few buttons and you get the best espresso you’ve ever had. Convenient features like a removable water tank and bean container from the side rather than the top won’t compromise space in where you store it. It offers 11 programming options to save your favorite beverages while still offering flexibility for the occasional spontaneous cup of flavored or specialty coffee.

When you’re in the market for the best espresso machine, any one of these models would make a great new addition in your home to get that coffee-shop quality you love.

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