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Automatic Espresso Machine – Philips Saeco Vienna Plus

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Philips - Saeco
Philips Saeco Vienna Plus

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On June 9, 2014
Last modified:July 10, 2015


Coming in as the game changer for Phillips, the Philips Saeco Vienna Plus is undoubtedly one of the best entries by Philips so far in the Espresso machine category. Offering users with a host of features compacted into a machine which is extremely easy to operate and clean, the Philips Saeco Vienna Plus is without a doubt the espresso machine to watch out this season.

Philips-Saeco-RI973721-Vienna-Plus-Automatic-Espresso-Machine-top-rated-buynowHave you ever sat down and calculated how much money you spend at a coffee shop every month? I mean for most of us, coffee shops are the best place to get our regular dose of espresso, because most people fail miserable to prepare that perfect cup of espresso at home.

And today I can proudly say that I have finally come across the best espresso machine under 500 dollars, which can help you get that magical cup of Italian espresso every single time.
When it comes to electronic products, there are only a handful of name who can match up to the glory of Phillips.

Which is why, when I came across the Philips Saeco RI9737/21 Vienna Plus Automatic Espresso Machine, Graphite, Black, I just couldn’t keep myself from playing with it and making my very first cup of espresso so that I can give you the most in-depth review you will ever need.
The Features

Now in my line of work, I have come across many espresso machines by Phillips.

And even though I would have to admit that most espresso machines by the electronics giant did nothing but disappoint me, there were a few which did everything right to made me fall in love.

And the Philips Saeco Vienna Plus Automatic Espresso Machine is undoubtedly one of the best espresso machine under 500 bucks by Philips.

But ironically enough, I would have passed on reviewing the Philips Saeco Vienna Plus altogether, if it wasn’t for its impressive list of features such as:

no Fetures Special
- Compatible with Coffee Beans
- Cappuccino/Milk Frother Yes
- Hot Water Yes
- Pressure System Pump Driven
- Pressure Power 15 BAR
- Boiler size N/A
- Wait for Initial Brewing 30 Seconds
- Water level detection Yes
- Removable Tank Yes
- Tank capacity 57 oz
- Auto power off system No
- Body main materials Plastic
- Grinder Yes (Ceramic Burr Grinder)
- Size 13.86 Inches X 12.25 Inches X 15 Inches
- Weight 24 lbs
- Includes Adjustable Doser ; Stainless Steel Boiler and Pannarello Frothing Device
- Warranty 1 Year

What I Liked

Although I have never been a personal fan of Philips Espresso machines, I would have to admit it with both hands up in the air and say that the Philips Saeco Vienna Plus is truly a masterpiece, and it can finally change Phillips luck in the espresso business.

But what changed my mind towards the Philips Saeco Vienna Plus would have to be the sheer things I loved about this machine.

And I have just pointed out a little chart before to demonstrate the list of things I liked about it.
– Easy to use even for someone who has no experience handling espresso machines
– The Philips Saeco Vienna Plus is extremely fast and quite easy to work with
– The ceramic Burr grinder works exceptionally to produce finely ground coffee
– The brewing group and the steel water tank gives it a unique look

– You can go from Coffee Beans to a Fine cup of espresso with a single push of the button
– The perfect amount of milk froth is guaranteed with the innovative Pannarello Steam Wand
– The final espresso is one of the best I have tasted so far
– Certainly offers the best value for your money being priced under 500 US Dollars
– Comes with a one year limited warranty, which makes it easy to repair anywhere
– I liked it

What I Didn’t Like
In my new style, the things which I didn’t like about the Philips Saeco Vienna Plus are:
– Over using the grinder can be dangerous as it could easily break
-.Few customers complain that the plastic front was loose and very flimsy
The Bottom Line

With the Philips Saeco Vienna Plus, I would hate to admit that maybe Philips finally managed to break away my reservations with Philips in the Espresso Machine category.

Because the Philips Saeco Vienna Plus is undoubtedly one of the finest pieces of work from Philips so far, and if you don’t have any experience handling espresso machines and want to get your money’s worth, then the Philips Saeco Vienna Plus is surely the machine for you.

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