20 ways of re-using coffee

20-ways-reusing-coffeeCoffee is a delicious drink that can be enjoyed everyday and everywhere, widely appreciated all over the world.

Here’s a few secrets for true coffee-lovers about the creative, helpful and sometimes unbelievable ways coffee and coffee grounds can be re-used.
They can be useful in your house, for your beauty, for your garden and much more.


Re-using coffee

Coffee is absolutely amazing: not only it’s a lovely drink to have, but it can prove to be helpful in a lot of everyday situations. Let’s see them!


  1. Coffee can be used to make your hair shiny. Make some coffee, let it get cold and add some water to dilute it. Then put it in a spray container and apply some on your hair before washing it. Let it work its magic for twenty minute and then use your normal shampoo.
  2. If you repeat this procedure once a week, in a while your hair will not only be nice and shiny, it will also assume some lovely coffee-coloured reflections.
  3. If you happen to have some cotton or linen fabrics that you think may need a nice re-colouring, you can use coffee as dyeing. You can boil some water, add coffee, put your fabrics in the liquid and leave them for a night. It’s guaranteed that in the morning they will have a great new look!
    Coffee is also completely natural, so it doesn’t contain the chemical substances that the tintures you buy at the supermarket do.
  4. When your skin is oily and has some imperfections, you can use coffee as a scrub to apply on your face. It will remove all the dead cells that stop your skin from breathing properly.
    Just mix a tablespoon of coffee powder and half a tablespoon of olive oil, apply it and massage it on your skin, then rinse and enjoy the lovely soft feeling it will have left on it.
  5. While we’re talking about beauty, did you know that coffee is also good for reducing cellulite? If you have any cream you bought for this purpose, take a look at the ingredients: it’s highly likely that you will find caffeine!
    Caffeine, in fact, helps fighting against fluid retention and is useful to keep your capillary circulation in check.
    You can make your very own anti-cellulite cream by mixing some coffee powder with sweet almond oil. Massage it on your skin in the spots where you need it just before your shower.
  6. When you cook, you might end up chopping some garlic or onions; then your hands will probably smell awful for a while, in spite of all the water and soap you try to use. Coffee can help you solve this problem: just rub some coffee dust on them before washing them and every nasty smell will disappear.
  7. The same property can be extremely useful in your fridge: how many times did you find yourself stop breathing when you opened it and had something with weird smells inside?
    If you put a few tablespoons of coffee powder in a container and put in the fridge, all the bad smells will leave your fridge.
  8. Coffee is also an effective abrasive cleaner: if you add some coffee powder to your detergent and mix them, you will be able to use it to clean pots and pans that have incrustations.
  9. Did you ever put your sugar or coffee someplace humid? Then you know how bad they are afterwards. You can avoid this situation by putting a few coffee beans on the bottom of your sugar or salt container. The beans will absorbe all the humidity and your sugar and salt won’t suffer from it!
  10. You can use instant coffee to cancel scratches from your furnishing. Just dip a cloth or a brush inside it and carefully use it a natural tinture until the wood goes back to a uniform color, as close as possible to the original one.
  11. Coffee can be used as a secret ingredient in many recipes. It can make your cakes, custards, cookies taste absolutely delicious. If you are up for a little experimenting, you can also try it in your risotto. It’s a very interesting dish!

Re-using coffee grounds

After you have made coffee, there are always some grounds that remain. Don’t throw them away: they can be recycled in many interesting ways. Let’s see ten of them:

  1. Coffee grounds have many uses in the garden. One of them is manuring your flowers: it’s perfect for flowers that need an acid ground to grow, such as roses, azaleas, camellias and rhododendrons. The ground will be more acid and the flowers will obtain all the sustainment they need to grow.
  2. They can also be used to grow carrots. If you mix the carrot seeds with some coffee grounds and then plant them, they will be easier to distribute equally on the ground and it will also make your carrots get more nourishment.
  3. If you leave some coffee grounds along the boundaries of your garden, you will keep annoying snails away. Coffee is completely natural, so you won’t need to use dangerous chemical components that would end up in the food you eat.
  4. Coffee grounds also have many different uses. For example, you can make a face mask to make your skin softer. Just mix two tablespoons of coffee grounds, two tablespoons of milk or yoghurt and one tablespoon of honey or malt. Apply the mask on wet skin, leave it on for fifteen to twenty minutes and then rinse. Your skin will surely thank you!
  5. If you make your own soap, you will be able to use coffee grounds to make a useful anti-smell soap for your hands. It will work best if you use Marseille soap. You will be able to keep the resulting soap in your kitchen and eliminate the smell of onions and garlic from your hands immediately.
  6. If you add some coffee grounds to the hennè colouring for your hair, you will obtain even nicer and coffee-coloured reflexes.
  7. You can use coffee grounds to clean your fireplace. Just put them, when they’re still wet, on every surface before cleaning. It will make the process of removing ashes from the fireplace much quicker and easier, and it will also help you remove any bad smells.
  8. Do you have the habit of making your own pincushions? Then you’ll be glad to know that using coffee grounds to fill a pincushion will stop your needles from getting rusty. That’s because of the great antioxidant properties of coffee
  9. Take an old pair of tights you don’t use anymore and cut a piece of them from the feet, then fill this small bag with some coffee grounds and close it with any tape or wire. If you hang it inside your car, you will remove bad smells and also humidity.
  10. If ants have managed to enter your house, the best way of making them leave is placing coffee grounds in all the critical spots. They will go away in no time!
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